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About Our Firm

About Ip Support

We Empowering You For Better Future

IP Support is a division of SABRE EDGE IT SOLUTIONS. IP Support is formed to support Insolvency Professionals in delivering quality services to their clients.

We offer quality Insolvency services like E-Voting, E-Auction, Virtual Data Room, Claim Process etc. to Insolvency Professionals.

Our e-services are designed to make working easier for all the parties involved. All these services can be accessed through any internet enabled device and from any part of the world.

We are focussed on providing secure, affordable, credible services to you. With a top-notch security system in place we make sure that your data, information, and activity report is accessible only after security checks.

We have successfully catered to 50+ clients’ needs. Our platform brings about optimum outcomes for our clients in an efficient manner. The team at IP Support constantly communicates with the clients in order to understand their every requirement and cater to it with utmost dedication.

We are working towards achieving excellence in our work by keeping up with all the latest technologies in order to provide only the best to you. We follow a client-centered approach whilst also progressing towards becoming the leading IP Support services provider.


Nurturing Business ideas

we assign a consultant-lead to your project who will be responsible for driving the organizational change from orientation to implementation.