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E-Voting for IRPs

  • Electronic voting, commonly known as eVoting refers to voting electronically through the internet. Voters can vote from anywhere using any internet enabled device. It is beneficial for both the parties, voters and election management, as it cuts down on costs of material resources like EVM machines, Ballot booths, etc.
  • Voters can vote within minutes from their own device without having to travel, saving time and money. The IBBI has made it binding for Insolvency Professionals & (IPs) to dispense eVoting facility to creditors in cases pertaining to insolvency/bankruptcy under National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT).
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  • Online Auction, commonly known as eAuction, is the selling of goods online. It helps the seller in discovering the best price for his product and maximize its realisation.
  • E-Auction is beneficial for both, the seller and the bidders. The bidders are able to bid from anywhere without having to be physically present which cuts down on the& travelling cost and saves time. The sellers also save money as the cost of material resources like place of auction, auctioneer, etc.
  • Another benefit of eAuction is the transparency of bids.
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Claim Process

  • When a company fails to make payments to its creditors, as discussed above, the creditors have the right to file a CIRP petition with the Adjudicating Authority. In other words, when a company goes bankrupt and comes under insolvency it becomes available for sale and gets assigned to an IP.
  • The court becomes responsible for liquidating the personal property of the insolvent and distributing it among the creditors. When an insolvency professional is assigned a property to auction under the E-auction claiming process, the IP lists the property online and advertises it to entice claimants and bidders for the auction of the property. The resolution professional/ liquidator must entertain and ascertain all claims.
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Virtual Data Room (VDR)

  • VDR or eDataroom is an online space where you can store all your data. One of the advantages of eDataroom is that you can choose who can access your data. With this service available, you are not bound by constraints like physical Due Diligence (DD) as it can also be conducted online, making the process cost-effective. DD is concerned with any financial transaction.
  • An investor conducts DD before investing in any company, that is, they study all the important information of the company like the financial position of the company, its customers, vital contracts, etc. before investing. This poses the risk of investors stealing the information & and not investing in the company. With eDataroom, companies can guard themselves against such risks by providing limited access to the investors.
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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the 21st century’s most popular form of marketing. It refers to the marketing done by brands using the internet and other sources of communication. It can be done in various forms such as SEO, SMO,Email Marketing, PPC, etc.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of increasing the visibility of your website for those searching for the products and/or services that you offer. It requires & a well organized and planned updation of your website to increase the traffic. SEO performance can be improved by minute scrutinisation of the keywords that your site targets and are related to the services you offer. SEO also improves the ranking of your website resulting in making your brand known widely.

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Web Designing & Development

Web development refers to making the website from scratch. It is the first step towards developing a website. IP Support Team designs websites with utmost understanding of the product/services that you offer to your target audience. Since it’s the first insight a potential customer gets of your product, it’s very crucial to have a

perfect and proportionate mix of visuals & and content on your website. We offer different types of websites like static, dynamic, e-commerce, etc. and at various platforms.


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IPsupport is a great blend of professionals both from Insolvency and IT field. Their services are above the board!

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Expert opinion, prompt response and very good services that's why i am allways using your services like evoting and dataroom .

Surinder Babar

Knowledgeable, client service orientation, ownership mindset.‘Knowledge of the team members is good and they keep personal touch with the client with regular follow ups.

Happy Client with 80% repetitive clientele.

We Provide Best Digital Solutions Enjoy Full-Service Expertise

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With a broad range of experience across multiple industries around the globe, our award-winning team produces that people love to use.

Happy Client with 80% repetitive clientele.

We Provide Best Digital Solutions Enjoy Full-Service Expertise

Know Us

Learning Analytics Solutions

With a broad range of experience across multiple industries around the globe, our award-winning team produces that people love to use.

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